Originally published in Simple Syrup Issue 5

Urban agriculture is often a hidden yet nonetheless crucial component of the economies and cultures of metropolitan cities around the nation, and St. Louis is no exception. Urban Harvest, New Roots Urban Farm, The Sweet Potato Project, Gateway Greening, and the International Institute are a few of the many examples of safe, economically reliable, and self-sustaining collaboratives that provide urban farming, fresh produce, and business skills to residents throughout the St. Louis community.

Feast Magazine

Towering above the bustling metropolitan streets of downtown St. Louis sits the Urban Harvest STL Food Roof, a living and…

Pushing back against institutional poverty and starvation in St. Louis.

St. Louis Public Radio

Originally published in Simple Syrup Issue 4

Food deserts are often and ironically confused with “food desserts,” and thus the former is often not taken as seriously as it should be. These deserts, which are both urban neighborhoods and rural communities without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food, exploded in the wake of the grocery store chains abandoning their communities during a time of crisis to seek higher profits amid rampant affluence.

One’s level of access to food is tightly linked to institutional poverty, and while food is…

Maddy Angstreich

Design student at Washington University in St. Louis. maddyangstreich.com

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